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Favorite Song:

"What Else Can I Do," "Surface Pressure," and "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"

Favorite Color:

Cerulean (Spark Blue)

Favorite Team:

Oklahoma City Spark

Bats: Both

Throws: Both

Favorite Player: Lizzie Arlington (1898, First woman to sign a baseball/softball contract)

Favorite Candy: Milky Way

Favorite Drink: Spark Soda

Favorite Book: Grapes of Wrath

Walk-Up Song:

"Whole Lotta Woman"

Favorite Subject in School: Drama

The Story of Moxie The Warrior 


A New Legend Begins

In the heart of OKC, a new legend is taking shape: Moxie the Warrior. Her story is just beginning, and it's one that will inspire and captivate fans of the Oklahoma City Spark. 


The Meaning of Moxie

The name "Moxie" is derived from a word that signifies a courageous spirit and determination. It represents vigor, verve, and skill. The origin of the word traces back to an American soft drink named Moxie, known for its bold claim to “build up your nerve.” Just like the drink, Moxie the Warrior embodies a brave and determined spirit.


A Mysterious Arrival

Moxie's journey to Oklahoma City began in 2022, when she arrived feeling sad, broken, and confused. She had no memory of her past and was unsure of her future. Found behind the concession stand of a softball field off Route 66, Moxie was a figure of strength in need of direction. Her shield was weathered, her sword dull, and her mindset foggy. Despite this, she knew she was in OKC for a purpose. She could feel the fighting spirit within her, the love for kids, and a deep sense of strength. But there were many things she didn't know: How did she get to Oklahoma? Where was she from? What did she enjoy doing in her free time? Most importantly, what was her favorite food?


Discovering Her Purpose

With time, care, and guidance from the coaches and owners of the OKC Spark, Moxie began to uncover her past and shape her future. It was revealed that she came from a long line of strong, female warriors. Her lineage was one of boldness, fortitude, stamina, grit, strength, and fearlessness. Her family believed she was needed in other parts of the galaxy to spread the message that “playing like a girl” is a powerful and positive thing.


Moxie was chosen to come to OKC to find the strongest women in the land. She sought to represent women who are smart and graceful like Chloe Malau'ulu, strong and powerful like Jocelyn Alo, and fierce and prominent like Keilani Ricketts. In OKC, Moxie found a place where young boys and girls valued these incredible women, and she knew she was home.


Embracing OKC Life

Now, Moxie resides in the OKC area with her pet rock, Galactica. She enjoys shopping at Lululemon, performing TikTok dances, listening to Taylor Swift, and powerlifting. When she's not cheering on the Spark at games, Moxie loves watching reruns of Xena: Warrior Princess, Mulan, and The Sandlot. She has even remembered her favorite foods: barley bulgur and unleavened barley bread, olives preserved in brine, and Crumbl Cookies (though Sticky Bun is tricky to eat with gloves!). Her favorite color is cerulean blue, and she is ambidextrous.

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