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Oklahoma City Spark Announces Camps and New Partnerships

Oklahoma City --- The Oklahoma City Spark is hosting youth camps beginning this Saturday, September 23rd. Children from 6–10 will be hosted at Southeast High School in Oklahoma City beginning at 9:00 A.M., with 11–14-year-olds starting at 1:30 P.M. at D-BAT in Oklahoma City. The Spark will hold a camp for 15–18-year-old athletes in October. Additional camps will be added throughout the remainder of 2023 and carrying into 2024.

Additionally, the Spark and team owners Tina and Robert Floyd are proud to announce their partnership with Fields & Futures, founded by Liz and Tim McLaughlin. This non-profit was created to help Oklahoma City Public Schools put more students on a better path to graduation by growing sports participation at all grade levels. By building better athletic fields, we are building better students, better leaders, and a better future.

Subsequentially, Dr. Tina Floyd and the OKC Spark have created Emerge StrongHer, a 501 (3) (C) organization, that will help assist athletes, students, and children with the tools they need to succeed off and on the field. Donations and proceeds will benefit athletes with childcare, registrations to networking events, tuition, equipment needs, etc. Please visit for additional information.

Said Fields & Futures co-founder and president Tim McLaughlin, “On behalf of our Fields & Futures team, Oklahoma City Public Schools and the thousands of kids served by this work, we are so incredibly grateful for Tina and Robert’s support. We are excited to watch softball participation grow across the urban core as more kids are introduced to the sport and provided the opportunities to grow and learn from the best!” Visit for more information.

10 percent of all camp revenue will be donated back to both non-profits, as well as a multi-year agreement from the Spark to Fields & Futures.


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