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Spark Hires Mental Health Coach Nicole Denes, M.Ed., LPC

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - As part of its ongoing efforts to foster a supportive environment conducive to both personal and professional growth, the Oklahoma City Spark proudly announces the addition of a Mental Health Coach to its staff. With extensive experience and expertise in performance psychology, Nicole Denes will play a pivotal role in providing comprehensive support and resources to players.

Denes is a national certified counselor, licensed professional counselor in the state of Oklahoma, and Performance Psychology Coach. Practicing since she earned her licensure in 2011, Denes began her career providing psychotherapy to clients of all ages, but eventually found her niche, working specifically with athletes.

As a Performance Psychology Coach, Denes helps athletes identify self-limiting beliefs and behaviors that hinder performance and keep them from reaching their full potential. She maintains a client load of athletes from various sports including UFC fighters, professional boxers, professional CrossFit athletes, and collegiate softball athletes. Denes facilitates mental toughness workshops for various organizations and groups around the region. In both group and individual settings, she helps athletes consistently perform at their best, especially when the pressure is on.

A University of Oklahoma softball alumni, she competed at the highest levels in softball, making two Women’s College World Series appearances with the University of Oklahoma during her college career. She has experience playing professionally, as well as internationally, and is a highly regarded professional pitching instructor.

Denes is the owner and founder of Be Complete Athletics in Oklahoma City, an elite softball instructional facility that trains youth softball athletes in specific softball and pitching mechanics and specializes in confidence and mental skills development. Nicole is also the Board President of the BCA Fastpitch Competitors, an OKC based competitive softball organization.

She graduated in 2007 from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and earned her master’s of Education in Community Counseling from OU in 2009. Nicole and her husband Ren Oslica are the parents of two sons, Ridge and Wheeler. The family currently resides in Mustang, Oklahoma.

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