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Oklahoma City Spark Names Head Coach

Oklahoma City, OK --- The Oklahoma City Spark has officially named the head coach for the June 2023 season.

Amber Flores, head coach at Seminole State University in Seminole, Oklahoma, will lead the OKC Spark in its inaugural season. Flores is entering her 10th year as head coach for the Seminole State Trojans, where she has led the team to the Junior College World Series five times in nine seasons. In her years at Seminole state, she has recorded an .808 winning percentage, the longest winning streak of 46 games, the best record in school history of 54-4, and many other honors and records. Amber has earned NJCAA Region 2 Coach of the year five times: 2014, 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022.

Flores was a standout player at the University of Oklahoma, earning NCAA All-American status three times and the first-ever two-time Big 12 Conference Player of the Year. In addition, Flores was a three-time finalist for USA Softball's Collegiate Player of the Year award. Flores played professionally for the USSSA Pride in 2010.

"I could not be more excited to be named the Head Coach of the Oklahoma City Spark in its inaugural season. I would like to thank Tina and Robert Floyd for allowing me to lead an unbelievable group of women and introduce the state of Oklahoma to professional softball.

Exciting times lay ahead for the state of Oklahoma and professional softball. I am excited

about the challenge of building something special in the WPF with the community's support. I look forward to seeing everyone at the ball field next summer; GO SPARK." Amber Flores

"We found the perfect fit for our team, and I am thrilled to have Amber begin this journey with us. Flores is a proven leader with a passion for the sport, and I know the Spark will be a better organization with her leading the way." Tina Floyd

Coach Flores will lead The Oklahoma City Spark's inaugural season in June 2023.

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