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OKC Spark Mascot Announcement

OKLAHOMA CITY --- The Oklahoma City Spark is excited to announce the unveiling of the team mascot on July 1, 2023, at the USA Hall of Fame stadium opening game. The game begins at 7:00 p.m. with the announcement of the mascot immediately following the conclusion of the game during the light-up drone show.

The OKC Spark received over 900 submissions for the design and naming of the mascot. The winner will be announced after the reveal on July 1st.

This inaugural year of Spark softball will have the mascot image and collectables present at all Spark games and online at The live version of the Spark mascot will be present at the 2024 opening game. Timelines, graphic design concerns, and rushed production costs led Spark personnel to the decision to have the mascot present for all games next season.

“Our marketing and design teams have worked hard to create a mascot that represents Oklahoma City, the amazing and talented women on the Spark, and the values and mission of the organization. The process to create a mascot that encompasses all our unique qualities was lengthy, but very rewarding. We are thrilled to reveal our mascot on July 1 vs. The Texas Smoke” Dr. Tina Floyd, General Manager and Owner of the Oklahoma City Spark

For updates and more information on the Oklahoma City Spark, follow the team on Instagram and Twitter @okcityspark, and subscribe to our newsletter at


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